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Commercial Snow Clearing Services

Coyote offers snow clearing for all areas surrounding your business, large and small.  Our clients include small businesses, shopping plazas, churches, and schools.


We will clear all areas of your property, including your parking lots, loading docks, and storage ways.  We’ll take care to plow your entranceways adequately, and ensure that no dangerous “snow mountains” impede visibility when entering and leaving your premises.


We clear sidewalks and walkways prior to the start of the business day, so your suppliers and customers can safely access your building.  We know that clearing snow is essential to your business, both in allowing customers to access your facilities, and keeping them safe while they’re there.  “Slip and fall” injuries are a leading source of insurance claims, and we’ll do what it takes to reduce them.


We routinely use sand to improve traction on all  your public access areas, and when conditions are really icy, we will employ salt or other ice melters to ensure that the slip hazard is mitigated.


Most businesses choose to clear snow from their parking lot and place it at the edge, allowing it to melt  when the weather warms up.  When there’s a lot of snow, these “mountains” might become a problem, either by affecting sightlines for drivers and pedestrians, affecting the appearance of your property, or even posing a flooding hazard when they turn back into whater.  Coyote has front end loaders and dump trailers, and are capable of removing the snow from your property entirely.


If you don’t see the snow clearing service you need listed, just ask.  We’ll work with you to ensure that your winter property maintenance needs are met.

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