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Coyote Ventures is the Winnipeg area’s expert commercial snow clearing and removal company.  We provide services to a wide range of businesses and services, and can tailor-make a service contract that fits your needs.  You can engage us for the whole season in advance, or call us in on an as-needed basis.


We have been in business for more than a quarter century, and have steadfastly provided reliable services through some of the worst winters on record. Coyote Ventures is Licensed and Insured.


Our fleet of vehicles includes front-end loaders, sanders, bobcats, and a dump trailer for snow removal.  We make extensive use of GPS technology to track our equipment, and use the most advanced weather tracking technology available to ensure that we meet our commitment to our customers and their facilities.

What WeDo

  Commercial Snow Plowing

Snow Removal

Snow Shoveling

Snow Hauling

Sanding & Salting & De-icing

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