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Why Does My Facility Need Snow Clearing?

Well, unless you’ve just moved to the Winnipeg area, you know that it tends to snow here – a lot!  Small amounts of snow and ice, while not impeding traffic flow, and present a hazard to your customers and the general public.  The last thing you need is someone slipping and falling down on your property!


What Areas Will You Clear?

All of them.  We can use a plow, front end loader, or a bobcat to deal with your parking areas and loading docks, and we’ll shovel your sidewalks.


When Will You Clear the Snow?

Because our fleet is large, and our people experienced, we will be there to clean your snow before the start of business on the day after an overnight fall.  Of course, there are some exceptions – if the whole city is shut down, it might take us a bit longer to get there.


Can You Deal With Ice?

Of course we can.  We’ll put sand down, and use salt or other ice melters when required.


What Do You Do With The Snow?

Depends what you want.  We can simply plow it to the edge of your parking area and leave it, or we can load it into our dump trailer and haul it away.  Removal service costs more, but many of our customers prefer it because it’s safer (snow mountains tend to attract children) and it makes your property look nicer.


Do I Have To Sign Up for a Full Year?

Coyote Ventures will work with you to design a snow clearing or removal contract that works for you and your business.  Whether you want “full-service” for the entire year, or a once-only plowing or snow removal, we can accommodate your needs.


What kinds of facilities does Coyote Ventures provide services for?

We concentrate on commercial properties.  There is no minimum size requirement, so no matter how small or large the area you need cleared, we have equipment and personnel that can handle it.  We are the ideal snow removal company for small parking lots, shopping plazas, churches, and schools.


Why Should I Choose Coyote Over the “Other Guys”?

Quite simply, it is our experience that sets us apart.  For 25 years, we’ve been helping Winnipeg area businesses safely maintain their properties and keep their doors open so they could continue to provide goods and service to their customers.  We’ve got an extensive list of established, happy customers who can attest to the quality of snow management service we provide.


How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Coyote Ventures online, or by telephone at (204)-661-3436.  A representative will be happy to discuss your needs, and craft a service plan that meets your needs.

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