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Reduce Risk with Safe Surfaces

Reduce Risk with Safe Surfaces

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Covered in Snow?

Covered in Snow?

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Stop Breaking Your Back

Stop Breaking Your Back

Aren't you getting tired of doing this? Or putting your employees at risk by asking them to do it?

Snow Happens

Snow Happens

It's time to clean up your act... or your parking lot. We can clear the snow and haul it away.

Winnipeg Snow Shoveling Service
Winnipeg Ice Removal
Snow Plowing Winnipeg


We'll clear all areas of your property. If you've got snow, we'll get rid of it.


Protect your business by ensuring clear, safe passage for your employees and customers.


Avoid the snow mountains that impede visibility entering or exiting your business.


Reduce slip and fall injuries and improve traction with sale or other ice melters.

Winnipeg Commercial Snow Clearing

For more than 25 years, Coyote Ventures has been helping Winnipeg area businesses keep their facilities open through all the snow the Prairie skies can dump on them.


Whether you’ve got parking for 3 cars or 300, we know that if your customers and suppliers can’t get to you, your doors are shut.  We understand that snow removal is a critical mission for your company’s operation and for everyone’s safety.


Snow and ice on the parking lots and walkways around a facility represent a significant liability for any business.  That’s why we use state-of-the-art weather monitoring technology and an extensive fleet of vehicles ready for the road at all times to ensure that your parking lots and walkways are cleared by the start of business after an overnight snowfall.  We’ll use shovels for smaller areas, and will lay down sand or use salt when required to deal with icy conditions.


When the snow gets deep, we can remove it from your property so you’re not stuck with mountains of unsightly snow, ensuring that your facility retains its visual appeal no matter what the weather. Coyote Ventures is Licensed and Insured.


When you’re looking for a snow removal company for your Winnipeg area commercial property, contact Coyote online or by telephone at (204)661-3436.

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